Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fish on!

I was going through my video collection when I came across this clip from quite a number of years back and thought I should post if for my good friend Robert (and when you say Robert please say it as it supposed to be pronounced in French and not as in English or as in my middle name.)

Robert is a Clearwater-ite with an impressive list of credentials when it comes to anything to do with the great outdoors. He is an accomplished heli-ski guide and one of the top kayakers in the universe. He even managed to navigate the lower Clearwater river with me in the front of a two person kayak. When he is not out performing various acts of adventure daring-do he runs a gym, teaches, and runs a river rafting company. I get tired just listing all of the stuff he does.

Robert and I were talking one day and he mentioned how he would like to take his son Robson out on a fishing trip but didn't know of a good lake nearby. I knew of the perfect lake and since I knew Robert also had a canoe and could carry it, all of gear, and our lunches I thought it would be a great idea to let him in on my secret lake.

The trip was one of those great fall days when everything went just right and Robson got to slay the fish in grand style. This was definitely a catch and release into the frying pan type of trip and although we released as many as we caught we did end up with a pretty healthy stringer of fish.

The only item of note for the day was the fact that we got caught up in one of the most spectacular lightning storms of my life. We were forced off the lake and had to take shelter under some smallish trees. Marble sized hail pelted the earth and the skies were torn asunder. Lightning bolts danced across the ridge we were on as the gods vented their full and mighty wrath on the forest. Then, like the fickle humour of a latin lover, the violence was gone, the sun returned and we were left to finish our day of paddling around the lake and hauling in rainbow after rainbow.

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  1. Ah man. What a day! Robson, you're quite the fisherman.


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