Saturday, February 26, 2011

Summertime and the living is easy

I really should have been studying my grammar (a present perfect progressive structure) but instead I was flipping through (past progressive) old videos and had come across (past perfect) this one of a deer that Peter and I were doing a sneak on (present progressive). Or maybe that was "we were snucking on" - like I said, perhaps I should have been studying a bit more seriously.

Anyhow it made me think of how much I love summer, and how I wish it were back.

For summery pictures you can go check out Peter's Gallery at and then you too can yearn for summer. Unless of course you are reading this in July in which case the crispness of a February morning is what you will be pining for.


  1. Oh yes, I remember that day and the familiar "clunk" of the Canon 50D's shutter. I can't wait to order my new camera just in time for bear season!

  2. sweet video Frank!
    I can clearly see those big deer ears that you were explaining to me in our tranquile hike

    regarding the ultra bright light of the background, how do you control that when video recording? do you have like a exposure compensation button in the camera?

    I wish it was summertime, when I took the plane to canada it was winter in chile, I arrived to the start of winter here in kamloops and now Im leaving for holiday in June.. the beginning of winter in Chile.. haha


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