Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who - who's there?

Just a real quick post today as I am up to the proverbial armpits in alligators. This week will be the "perfect storm" in terms of projects for yours truly.

First I have about 6 zillion assignments due for my TESL classes. Next I have two sets of lesson plans to prepare and deliver for the ESL class I am teaching. Then, I have a huge stack of applications on my desk to process at work. Adding to the stress, the Cowboy festival kicks off on Friday and I am thinking of changing my set which is probably a very bad idea at this pint. Finally, Lisa and Nick will be by for supper tonight and I have to get some ribs in the oven and all of the other fixins that go with a sunday supper. Looks like I won't be getting off to the workshop at TRU that I was hoping to attend.

So why have I had time to hike around Kenna Cartwright Park, and to go out to Tranquille taking video of the waxwings? Why? That's a very good question. Maybe I know that no one has ever died, wishing they had spent more time at work.

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