Saturday, April 2, 2011

Help - I'm being held against my will in reality!!

"It has been many moons since I lasted posted," sighed Running Diatribe, as he leaned against the wall of his tee-pee and stared into the now dying embers of the fire.

And so it is with me. I do apologize to my follower(s) but I have been felled by a horrible disease called life. Lately "life" has required me to attend school and put in my hours at work. Don't get me wrong, both activities are immensely rewarding on their own, but together they are making for a tough slog for this old cowboy.

I did get out for a quick hike today with my sister-in-law, my daughter and her beau. We took a hike out to see the owls of Kenna Cartwright Park - in fact were hoping to see the young of the year. But none have appeared yet.

Of greater note was the story my brother passed on - and that was that he had seen the alligator lizards already this year. Now the inner-me says to treat any such announcement from any of my siblings with a great deal of skepticism. But the wishful hoping-its-really-spring me says "Ya-hoo!" Consequently I will be heading off to the secret Alligator Lizard bluffs tomorrow in hopes of getting some really good shots.

If nothing else it will give me reason - if not time - to post again.

Peace out.

PS - try changing my address to\view\flipcard

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