Friday, September 16, 2011

Small Wonders

So I know I haven't been posting much but that is because I am very lazy. No wait, what I meant to say is that I have had both hands broken while rescuing children from a burning orphanage. Yes, that was it. I am now typing this with a straw stuck in my left eye. It is slow and painful but for you my reader I would do almost anything.

I have compiled a little contest which I think is pretty cool and I will try to undertake it myself one of these days. The way it works is simple: Watch the following video and jot down the names of all 23 animals you see. These are little creatures so you may not know all of them. Jot down the ones you know and their taxonomic information (phylum,class, order, family, genus and species) and give yourself 10-60 points respectively for each correct entry. So the correct phylum gives you 10 while the correct species gives you 60 points (plus all of the other points you got while getting to the correct species). But if you get, say, the species wrong -you double that score and subtract it - so a wrong species is -120 but a wrong class is only -40.

I have not yet figured out what all the animals are but I have some of my best people working on it (that would be you my loyal readers). Please send me any info you have.

Take care and peace out!