Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Cuckoo-Bee in my bonnet

A Cuckoo-Bee

My blog posting has been spotty as of late but with good cause - again. I have been busy out in the field trying to get as much material captured before the long nights and short days of winter befall us.

One of the joys of coming back to my blog is that I then catch up on all of the other blogs I follow. Well worth the reading and following are these three blogs: Danial Neil - Language of trees (Danial is a gifted writer who words are worth a thousand pictures), Peter Sulzle - Peter Sulzle's Wildlife Photography Blog (Peter's pictures of wildlife are worth a thousand words), and Mel Rothenburger - The Armchair Mayor (Mel is begrudgingly one of the better mayors we have had. As I get older and more crotchety the more I agree with Mel).

But the reason I made this post is that I have recently come across a group of insects known as Cuckoo Bees. These bees behave like the Cuckoo and lay their eggs in another bee's nest and allow that parent to raise the young while they head off to the casino and enjoy life. I had always figured these insects to be some type of wasp, but no, they are in fact bees. The amazing thing about nature is that no matter how long you study and observe it - you will never scratch the surface of all its intricacies - something like trying to learn how the remote for your TV works!

Apparently not another cuckoo bee - but a striped hoverfly mimic


  1. I've been wondering if you succumbed to the "October Ague", and shivered your way into a mere speck of your former self. 4 months of chills and shaking should have got you at least part way there. Palsied fingers can't stroke the keys? Old Rebel rolled on you in bed again? By the way, I can think of cuter nick-names.
    Maybe you're out seeking the elusive snow spider, or you've joined Robin-bloody-Mann for a month in Tabago?
    Curious minds want to know.

  2. By the way. I'm sorry about missing the spike with my sledgehammer at Craigellachie. How'd the hand heal up?


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