Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not a good patient

So it is1:24 in the a.m. and I am sitting in front of my computer. Not because I am particularly obsessed with writing, but because I am sick.

While those that know me, or have read more than three of my posting will nod in agreement and say "Yes, we've known that about you for a long time" I will hasten to counter with "Not that type of sick - I am really sick with a sore throat and the shivers."

I do not suffer well, or silently. That is why I have been banished from my own bed to wander the house like a lost soul looking for refuge wherever it might be. The kitchen, the TV, and the library offered little solace so I have ended up here in front of my computer seeking solace on the net.

I thought about tweeting my ailments but with five followers I figured the return on that expenditure of effort would be minimal. I could have posted the info on facebook but those types of posts are clearly designed for superficial condolences - no I needed a forum that could truly spell out the depths of my misery and in turn generate some real heartfelt emails of sympathy.

But alas and alack, the shivers have taken a hold of me again and I must go off to battle them instead of pounding out some prose that would capture the depth and project the magnitude of my despair and suffering.

Perhaps some late night "Family Guy" and a bottle of Nyquil will bring me around.
From this summer and happier times when I wasn't dying from this stoopid, stoopid sore throat!

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