Monday, July 25, 2011

Alive and well

Oh it has been so long since I have put in the effort to peck out a few words for my blog that I hardly know where to start.

My absence from this forum was not planned but like so many things it was a result of a chain of circumstances. Snakes had to be chased. Trips had to be taken and then there was the matter of school and the alien abduction. Not that doesn't sound right, I think it was abduction by aliens.

I will try to post more now that the probes have been removed and my access to the internet has been restored to former levels.

What actually prompted my return was the following link

Which, when clicked upon, will transport you to ITunes and Loyd Bishop's incredible presentation of the Rounders and Sinners Cowboy music CD.

If that doesn't float your boat you can check out my video below which shows all six species of snakes we have found in Kamloops - in between promoting Cowboy Music CDs, going to school, going to work and teleporting across the universe.