Monday, January 23, 2012

Back at it - finallly!

Me at work!
My lack of posting has been primarily due to competing interests for my time: family, work, video, work, and more work seem to be winning out over my love of writing. This last week, while technically work related, was far from being a grind.

My friend and former boss, Jason Fimrite, had invited me on a junket to Sarasota to partake in a two day E-bootcamp. The e-bootcamp is the brainchild of Corey Perlman, an internet savvy marketer who has a lot of good advice for businesses looking to increase their presence on the web. Because the seminar is not highly technical, it is a great starting point for managers and those just venturing into the world of web-marketing.

The other thing great about the seminar was that it was held in Sarasota Florida. If one had to choose, say between Rainbow Lake in northern Alberta and Sarasota in south Florida, for a seminar location, I think the latter would win 99 times out of 3.

Via Toronto (not Viva Toronto)

The trip down was uneventful and as always, I got singled out in the screening process as a potential terrorist threat or Colombian drug lord. It’s the moustache I tell you. I am sure my picture, or one close to it, is in all the security training manuals and consequently when the security guards see me their eyes light up like kids who have just found out that there is a Santa Claus.

Anyways, after making my way through the gauntlet I made all my connections and soon found myself stepping off the plane into a warm Florida evening. Our hotel, the Hyatt, was just across from the airport and after dumping our bags we headed out to capture some of the high paced nightlife. We did not know at the time that Sarasota is known as “God’s waiting room” and is so called because of the fact that 99% of the winter population there were also present at the signing of the “Declaration of Independence.”

We did however, manage to find some excellent restaurants. We tried out some Peruvian and Mexican cuisine, skipped on a reportedly excellent Italian restaurant, and ended up in a nightclub called Ceviche. Ceviche is basically pickled fish and although not as good as gramma’s rollmops they are a very close second.

Ceviche served great food but more importantly served up some great entertainment. Cabal, is a five piece Latin/World band that rocks the place every time they play there. It’d be great to see them make their way up to the Roots and Blues festival in Salmon Arm as I’m sure they’d be a huge hit with that crowd.

But all was not just beer and hot Latin nightclubs. We did spend a lot of time learning about Search Engine Optimization and how to squeeze more mileage out of an internet site. Some of these techniques I’ll be putting to use for Jason’s newest company, Forensic Data Recovery Inc.. FDR is a reseller of the top forensic software and hardware out on the market now. And for those who don’t know, forensic software is the stuff you use to find out what was on a hard drive and when it was put there – even if it has been deleted.

I’ll be writing a lot more about FDR in the future as I’ll be working with Jason on some of the more interesting aspects of the business. By interesting I mean the going to jazz clubs and seminar in sub-tropical regions.
But a cold, grey, winter morning awaits and I must shovel a walk and head back to the salt mine.


  1. A fellow could stash a lot of contraband in that thing, Frank. And with a little nitric acid hair gel you could easily turn it into plastique (just google NOSE BOMB). Them border guards are PAID to be that way.

    Bob (a different one this time)

    1. Bob, Bob, Bob,,,,,,,, please!

      One thing Frank doesn't need is advice on more ways to shoot his mouth off.

      Other Bob

    2. Bob you really should meet Bob. He's a little demented and not too cultured but generally an alright sort - when he's not drinking.

  2. All I've got stashed in that thing is a bit of lunch and perhaps a small hint of that Mojito that I had to down a little too quickly on our way to security.

  3. Lost in the dancing and oh, the music, yes the music:)
    Are they teaching you a technique for "scraping"??
    cheers to you Frank:)

  4. Frank,

    Glad you are back at it! I enjoy reading your posts.

    I, too, have not been as consistent as I should be. This is to let you know that I have put up a few new posts, so when you have some free time and nothing to do, or just bored out of your skull, come on over for a visit.

    Your cousin,

  5. Hi Frank,
    I just found your blog, and utube channel. You post amazing videos, and awesome blogs. It looks to me like you live a truly charmed life.
    I came across your page, while I was searching for some info on Muncho Lake, as I may be working at Northern Rockies Lodge, for the summer.
    I am not however a typical summer worker. I'm a 35 year old guy living in Ontario, who hates his banking job, and has terrible luck with women.
    I've always loved nature, and I have an unspoken connection with animals. They gravitate to me, especially dogs, but I digress.
    Material things in this world, no longer interest me (I wish I had learned that lesson years ago), rather, I strive to spend more and more time in nature, it's the only place I feel at peace, and closer to God.
    My question is this, if by chance I don't get this job, do you have any suggestions for me, how to get a job in the wilderness of BC, or other parts of Northern Canada?
    Congratulations again on figuring out what is important in life. If you want to email me, my email address is

    All the best,
    Mississauga, Ontario

  6. I should be. This is to let you know that I have put up a few new posts



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