Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don't know my *** from a hole in the ground!

A hole in the ground

So yes, I do know what a hole in the ground is. This particular hole is special in that it is the burrow entrance to the lair of the Spadefoot Toad. The Spadefoot Toad is a little fellow, about the size of a quarter, and doesn't do a heck of a lot.

Their main claim to fame is the hard little digging apparatus that they have on their hind feet that allow them to dig their subterranean fortresses of solitude. Don't confuse the Spadefoot burrow with  the pocket gopher hole which is somewhat larger and normally has a mound of loose dirt heaped over it.

I was wondering the other day as I am wont to do, "What would happen if we had no Spadefoots in our ecosystem?" The Spadefoot does not eat a lot nor is it eaten on by a lot. 99.999999999% or more of the population in BC has never seen a Spadefoot nor do they really care to see one.

So my first guess is that not a lot would change if for some reason all of the Spadefoots were wiped out. So why is it important that we preserve this little guy? I guess it is because we recognize the importance of bio-diversity and the need to maintain complete eco-systems. If we protect the Spadefoot, at the same time we are protecting all of the ecosystem that allows the Spadefoot to survive.

To me, the Spadefoot is the poster child of the grasslands ecosystem. It is unseen and inconsequential of itself, but it represents a much larger entity.

But that is enough about holes in the ground and such. I just wanted to post an entry on Canada Day to show that I was being patriotic by not doing any work at all today and just indulging myself in a few of my simple joys like writing.

To all of my fellow Canadians I wish you a happy Canada Day.


  1. Happy Canada Frank: Glad to see you managed to crawl out of your hole (shared with a spadefoot toad). We had thought you had comitted fully to the corporate world and buried yourself in paper and work instead of the great out doors. Glad to see and read you are back in action.


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